The International Conference is the result of a meeting that took place on July 24, 2019, in Compostela (Galiza).

On the occasion of this meeting, several of the participating political forces (Agora Galiza-Unidade Popular [ from Galiza], Herritar Batasuna [ from Euskal Herria], Nación Andaluza [from Andalusia] and Plataforma Laboral e Popular [from Portugal]), as well as personalities from the world of the socialist revolutionary movement (Néstor Kohan of the Che Guevara Chair [from Argentina] and Narciso Isa Conde, coordinator of the Caamañista Movement [from the Dominican Republic]), agree on a joint international declaration entitled: "For the reconstruction of the Socialist /Communist revolutionary movement".

In this declaration, we begin by verifying the structural crisis of senile capitalism and its inability to solve the problems of humanity in the current imperialist phase, just as Marx and Engels predicted.

We also denounce the inability of the reform policies resulting from “progressive” parliamentary majorities to curb the aggressions suffered by the working class and the working people as a whole. We denounce how electoralism does not contribute to raising the level of consciousness of the masses, neither to mobilizing or to fighting against exploitation in an organized and unitary manner. We proclaim the need to reorganize the tools of struggle that the working class and the whole of the working and impoverished people have historically used, with which they have achieved the conquests and rights that capitalism has been progressively dismantling in recent decades.

In this international declaration, we conclude by reaffirming the need to restore the foundations of Marxism, the need to free it from its sterilized readings, and the need to study in depth the immense theoretical work of Marx, Engels, Lenin and Che. We also agree to deepen the tactical and strategic coordination of the signatory groups and political forces through the creation of a theoretical magazine and the convening of a periodic International Conference to lay the foundations that will promote a new Proletarian International whose objective is to organize the Socialist /Communist Revolution.