Internationalist Manifesto against the NATO Summit

        The North Atlantic Treaty Organisation (NATO) is the tool of the USA to perpetrate its attacks against sovereign nations that refuse to accept the dictates of imperialism. It is therefore an organisation of a terrorist nature in the service of the elites, as the bombings against civilian populations in Yugoslavia, Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, Syria, ... show. NATO is also a structure used by Washington to keep its "allies" submissive and subordinate to its own interests, as demonstrated by the involvement of European powers in all the wars of aggression perpetrated by the USA in recent years.

        NATO is, in short, the armed wing of imperialism against the sovereignty of the peoples, which is why it has aroused the historic rejection of the working class and progressive forces of the whole of Spain. However, despite the resistance offered, the strategic military bases of Rota and Morón, as well as other logistical and supply points of the criminal organisation deployed throughout our territory, are eloquent proof of the defeat suffered.

         The current war in Ukraine has its origins in the coup d'état that the US financed in 2014 and which brought to power the most reactionary and nationalist sectors of Ukrainian society. To put it bluntly, the US and NATO promoted a fascist coup d'état in Ukraine at a time when the Ukrainian population was opposed to NATO membership.

        As a result of this coup, a civil war broke out in Ukraine when part of the country revolted against the provisional government that emerged from this fascist coup. Although many regions initially revolted, the Ukrainian army crushed the protests throughout the country except in the mining regions of Donetsk and Lugansk. Since then, the Ukrainian army has constantly shelled these regions, leaving 14,000 dead and the country completely destroyed.

         All this is intertwined with the US strategy of encircling Russia, expanding NATO's military structure right up to the borders of the Eurasian country. NATO's cynical "Open Door" policy is a danger to third countries, as it opens the door to dangerous arms races, especially when NATO itself promotes coups d'état in order to get these countries to open these "doors".

        Is the "open door" policy defensive as intended or is it an offensive policy? The Aegis shield, consisting of establishing missiles in Poland and Romania, which began under Obama, indicates that it is not exactly defensive. The declaration made in 2008 in Budapest, where it treated Ukraine as a future NATO member (in violation of the Ukrainian constitution then in force), looks more like an absorbing black hole than an open door. The EU's requirement in the Lisbon treaty for candidates to join the EU is more akin to blackmail than an open door. The US Senate Bill 227 of 2014, which authorises the US to intervene in Ukraine and to place missiles in Russia's neighbouring countries, is a sign of who is 'opening the door'. NATO's denial of the demands of 17 December 2021, which called for the withdrawal of intermediate-range missiles from points where they could pose a threat and disregarding the use of third countries as an offensive platform, leaves no doubt that we are facing an offensive policy.

        In this sense, at the end of 2021, Ukraine's puppet government opened the door to the possibility of Ukraine entering NATO and acquiring nuclear weapons. In January 2022, NATO declared its full support for the new Ukrainian doctrine of taking back Crimea by force, burying the Minsk agreements. Faced with this threat to its security, in February Russia launched a military operation aimed at destroying Ukraine's military capabilities and forcing it to adopt a status of neutrality.

         For all these reasons, we consider it more necessary than ever to renew the commitment of all those people who, throughout the Spanish state, firmly maintain their NO to the barbarity of imperialism. It is more necessary than ever to rebuild internationalist and anti-imperialist solidarity in the whole of the Peninsula, seriously wounded by the reactionary onslaught of the elites of the system. The NATO summit in Madrid, which will take place on 29 and 30 June, will decide the future of imperialism's war strategy, which constitutes a direct attack on the liberties and sovereignty of the popular classes of the Spanish state and of the whole of Europe, that is why we express our absolute rejection.


No to NATO! No to the criminal imperialism of the USA!


June 6th 2022


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