A few days ago marked a month since the anti-fascist counter-offensive launched by the People's Republics of Donbass and the Russian Federation. The class struggle, the engine of history, has stepped on the accelerator and geopolitical, economic, cultural and military earthquakes are happening everywhere before our eyes. HERRITAR BATASUNA wants to share its analysis and reflections with the Basque Working People and with all the Working Peoples of the World, in these decisive moments in which the New World Order of Imperialism is shaking.


Faced with this deluge of events, it is normal to feel confusion. It is difficult to orient ourselves in the enormous jungle of data. As we are revolutionaries, our obligation is to be radical, that is, to go to the deep roots of the problems in order to understand what is happening. To find the red thread of history in order to get out of the labyrinth of Capitalism alive....

Capitalism is collapsing day by day before our eyes. Throughout these years HERRITAR BATASUNA has warned again and again that the Capitalist System was reaching its historical limits, as analyzed more than 150 years ago by Karl Marx in his key book DAS KAPITAL. Later, in 1929, Henryk Grossmann, revolutionary communist militant, wrote an excellent synthesis that all revolutionaries should read carefully and study in depth: "The Law of Accumulation and the Collapse of the Capitalist System". Siglo XXI editores, Mexico, 1976. ISBN 978-968-23-0433-0. It is available free of charge in English at the following link:

As a way of summary, in a very schematic way, it can be said that as Capitalism develops, its contradictions become more acute. As the accumulation of Capital advances, its organic composition is higher and higher, so that the profits obtained by the Bourgeoisie are less and less. This key concept was named by Karl Marx in the third volume of his work DAS KAPITAL as "The law of the decreasing tendency of the rate of profit". This ineluctable economic tendency will lead Capitalism to its collapse. The point is that the bourgeoisie, since the very emergence of the system, has constantly set in motion counter tendencies to keep the system alive and prevent its collapse. These counter tendencies have marked the development and crisis-filled evolution of Capitalism, and made possible, at the beginning of the 20th century, the rise of Imperialism. The Capitalism of the Monopolies, which later became the Capitalism of the Transnational companies. If anyone would like to go deeper into this subject, here is a clear and very complete summary:


The final phase of Capitalism is Imperialism, as Lenin masterfully studied in 1916. HERRITAR BATASUNA's analysis is that Agonic Capitalism is the final phase of Imperialism, the one we are living today. We are willing to debate this thesis with all the revolutionaries who want to, and if anyone would like to deepen also in this subject of paramount importance, you can go to the following links:

If someone would like to study the subject further and know what the analysis and political line of HERRITAR BATASUNA is based on, we propose three explanatory texts, one in Spanish and two in English, which deal with the subject of Imperialism from a scientific and clearly revolutionary perspective:

What we are seeing in recent years is, therefore, the beginning of the collapse of Agonistic Capitalism, which began in a clear way with the financial crisis of 2009. The Anglo-Yankee-Zionist Oligarchy, which is the hegemonic fraction of Imperialism, has been well aware of this fact since its inception and has put in place, since 2001, all the mechanisms to prevent the collapse of the Capitalist System and set in motion a new historical cycle of accumulation of Capital, as it happened in the years 1945-1975 after World War II.

Without taking into account this strategic objective of the Oligarchy, it is not possible to understand the current geopolitical situation. Capitalism has entered into a life and death struggle for its survival and the Capitalist Beast is ready to do anything to survive, even the extermination of a good part of Humanity! They want to implement the "New American Century" by means of continuous wars, until they regain again the absolute hegemony over the entire planet that they have had since 1989. Let us see how this process of permanent war began, whose roots go back to the Neoliberalism that emerged in the 70's and 80's of the 20th century.


We must understand the self-attacks of September 11, 2001 that the Globalist Oligarchy organized within the framework of this offensive strategy. With these two terrorist attacks, carried out by members of Al Qaeda, a network created by the CIA, the United States of America legitimately launched the first two preemptive wars of the 20th century: Afghanistan and Iraq. However, everything was set in motion in 1989, when Imperialism won the Cold War against the Soviet Union...

After the collapse of the Soviet Union and the Socialist Bloc, and after the consolidation of the bet made by China in favor of the market economy, the USA was lord and master in a unipolar world, where they had absolute power: economic, political, military, cultural... The time had come to systematically use total hegemony to prolong the American Empire, heir of the British Empire, for another hundred years. The Western Empire initiated in 1492.

The "New World Order" was initiated with blood and fire on December 20, 1989, after the fall of the Berlin Wall, when the United States invaded Panama. Subsequently it was consolidated with the genocidal destruction of Yugoslavia and the bombing of Serbia. The Anglo-Yankee-Zionist Oligarchy, enemy of Humanity, unleashed wars everywhere, as they were destroying one nation a year: Palestine, Iraq, Afghanistan, Lebanon, Syria, Yemen, Libya, Sudan, Haiti, Somalia....

George Bush mentioned the "Axis of Evil" in 2002: a list of states that the US was going to destroy. Yet after the total destruction of Iraq, Iran and Korea have not yet been destroyed. Neither have Cuba and Venezuela. For now... Imperialism's intentions have not changed. The priorities, on the other hand, have....

However, all these wars, as well as the systematic robberies and plundering carried out by means of them, did not manage to solve the terminal crisis of Capitalism, not even to stabilize it. It is increasingly evident, since the crisis of 2009, that in order to keep the system alive, the rate of profit must be increased at any cost, and the only way to achieve this is to cheapen raw materials and labor power. And to sharpen and increase capitalist exploitation throughout the planet. This inevitably forces Imperialism to seek all possible sources of super-profits, wherever, however, whenever.

To this end, they embarked on an endless cycle of wars and aggressions. States outside the absolute control of the Imperialist System were to be destroyed or totally subordinated at all costs. This meant encircling and militarily attacking the relatively sovereign and not yet totally dominated states that emerged from the revolutions of the 20th century: China, Russia, Iran, Cuba, Venezuela, Korea, Nicaragua, Algeria, Vietnam, Bolivia, Yemen, Syria....The aim was to achieve a unipolar world under the influence of the USA and its satellites: United Kingdom, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, European Union, Japan... Above them all, there was the globalist strategy of the Zionist elite.

It is in this geopolitical perspective that we place the coronavirus pandemic. In our communiqué of March 14, 2020 we clearly stated that the coronavirus was a weapon of war of Imperialism. It is convenient to repeat here what we said two years ago, because at the time many people did not understand it well, and now we all have enough elements to better understand what we said then:


"All Basque revolutionary workers must know that the Anglo-Yankee-Zionist bloc, which is hegemonic Imperialism, and the United States of America, its main state expression, together with the United Kingdom, its satellites, and the Zionist colony that has usurped the historical name of Israel, have waged a global war without mercy against all Humanity, including its Working Classes.

Because class struggle is at the heart of all these events. Their aim is to perpetuate the Capitalist System that is in genocidal agony and, especially, the absolute hegemony that these elites, classes and states enjoy within the Imperialist System. For this they are ready to do anything, as we are seeing these days.

(...) This struggle will be long, hard and worldwide. There is no doubt that the Working Peoples will win from Venezuela to Palestine, from Cuba to Yemen, from Chile to Syria, from Iraq to the Philippines, from Bolivia to Korea. As we have stated above, we join the Axis of Anti-Imperialist Resistance, explaining clearly that our objective is the World Socialist Revolution on the road to a planet without social classes, states or patriarchy.

The priority at this moment is to defeat hegemonic Yankee-Zionist Imperialism on all fronts, before World War III breaks out. And if this criminal explosion occurs, the priority will be to defeat the United States and all its satellites, as the Red Army of Workers and Peasants did in World War II in Stalingrad and Berlin."


Unfortunately, World War III has broken out in Ukraine, not far from where World War II began, in Poland. All of western Ukraine was then Polish territory. The tragic ironies of history... We have to analyze well the planning and the global offensive of Anglo-Yankee-Zionist Imperialism, in order to understand its geo-strategy. Otherwise, we will easily get disoriented in the continuous maelstrom of events and in the constant toxic war propaganda. We must always have a clear compass: to always fight against Imperialism, wherever it may be, having as our objective the Socialist Revolution; to strategically maintain class independence and to establish punctual tactical alliances.

To sum up the global offensive of imperialism in this phase, it must be said that they intend to defeat Russia and its allies, Belarus and the People's Republics of Donbass in Ukraine. Should the triumph of Imperialism be impossible, and it seems so, NATO will constantly open new fronts to Russia, trying to wear it down and bleed it: Georgia, Finland, Azerbaijan, Sweden, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Hungary, Slovakia, Romania, Bulgaria, Czech Republic.... Recently they tried to open a new front in Kazakhstan, but Russia and China quickly defused that crisis. What we have ahead of us is a big operation that will last for many years. We have to get ready for it.

We are in favor of a democratic and neutral Ukraine, that is why we defend the anti-fascist counter-offensive launched by Russia and the People's Republics of Donbass. It is up to all the parties that are illegal and persecuted in Ukraine today to form the Provisional Government of National Unity as soon as possible, to neutralize the Nazi-fascist Zelensky regime and to put an end to the war, once the objectives of the anti-fascist offensive have been achieved. This is the best solution.

But let us not deceive ourselves. Imperialism will try to stir up more wars to break Russia and bring China to its knees. And it wants to do the same with all the states of the Multipolar Front: Iran, Korea, Cuba, Yemen, Venezuela, Nicaragua, Palestine, Lebanon, Iraq, Bolivia, etc. This is the New World Order of which Joe Biden has spoken in recent days and which the US must lead. The Unipolar World.

The anti-fascist counteroffensive that Russia has undertaken has been a true crossing of the Rubicon and there is no turning back. We will come out of this cycle of wars either with the absolute triumph of Imperialism or with its collapse. Either the Unipolar World or the Multipolar World, there is no middle ground. We are immersed in a new phase of history: the end of capitalist Modernity.

Therefore, we revolutionaries must be very conscious that Anglo-Yankee-Zionist Imperialism is the true IV REICH, direct heirs of the Nazi-Fascists. It is what we are seeing these days in Ukraine, and it is what we have always seen since 1945. A case in point is the "Operation Paperclip", in which more than 1,600 Nazi scientists were transferred from Germany to the United States to carry out research for the arms industry. Among them, Wernher Von Braun, later NASA spokesman.

But perhaps the most paradigmatic example of the "Operation Paperclip" is the story of General Reinhard Gehlen, who is directly linked to today's NATO and GLADIO networks. A convinced Nazi and fanatic, he was one of the founders of the ODESSA organization. His job was to protect the SS by providing them with hiding places in Franco's Spain or in South America. Reinhard Gehlen worked for years with the fascist Nazis of Ukraine, Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania, among them Stepan Bandera. This Nazi general was the head of the secret services of the Federal Republic of Germany. The biography of this little angel is available to everyone at these links:

Stepan Bandera, Ukrainian Nazi-fascist:

Nazis in Spain, official list elaborated by the United States:

We can mention two well-known Nazis: Otto Skozerny and Léon Degrelle, who lived peacefully in Franco's Spain, or Ante Pavelic, supreme leader of the Croatian Nazi-fascist Ustachas, who took refuge in Madrid and was executed there. And we could cite an endless list of many other members of European fascism, but we believe that the massive integration of cadres and members of Nazism of the III REICH in all the structures of Yankee Imperialism: CIA, NATO, NASA, Pentagon, universities... has been made abundantly clear.

Otto Sorzeny:

Léon Degrelle:

Ante Pavelic:

The Nazi organization ODESSA:

The birth of the CIA:




The fundamental component of the unipolar dominance of Anglo-Yankee-Zionist imperialism is the Anglo-Yankee-Zionist finance capital (hereinafter AYFC), which is headquartered in the main financial centers of Wall Street and the City of London, and is absolutely hegemonic in international finance.

This hegemony of the AYFC simultaneously entails and causes the monetary hegemony of the dollar. Its material foundation is in the military support of the United States of America and other imperialist States and in the competitiveness of the companies that compose this branch of Capital.

The AYFC, on its own, is not only a very important source of imperialist over-profits, but it´s also an essential partner of the other imperialist capitals, so that they can capture their own over-profits. In fact, the whole of the international financial system has become an instrument of imperialist exploitation and, in addition, it is a political instrument of Imperialism, insofar as the United States can punish countries that do not conform to its orders. One of the instruments of the AYFC consists of stealing assets belonging to these states (for example, the theft of Venezuela's gold, especially significant and scandalous, or the reserves of Afghanistan and Russia these days) or of making access to the world market more difficult and expensive for these countries.


It is not surprising, therefore, that the defense of the AYFC constitutes a strategic objective of Anglo-Yankee-Zionist Imperialism. The dominance of the dollar as a means of international exchange, payment and reserve value is part of this defense.

It is therefore not surprising that some states of the capitalist periphery want to try to limit dependence on the dollar, since they are well aware of its exploitative and punitive character. In this, China has been the pioneer and the most successful. It has created systems of bilateral trade agreements to avoid or at least limit the dollar. In any case, these policies have meant a weakening of the AYFC - Dollar system, which has increased with the sanctions imposed on Russia in recent days. This is a trap that many states have seen. Therefore, they are looking for alternatives following the path opened by China.

It is the imperialists themselves have weakened their cherished and beloved AYFC - Dollar system. It is they themselves who have weakened the dollar as a store of value by using the policy of "easy money" in the face of the capitalist crisis (low interest rates, quantity easing...). Because these policies diminish the value expressed by the dollar. Moreover, these monetarist mechanisms lose their effectiveness in attenuating the crisis, since they can eventually lead to stagflation or hyperinflation.

In this sense, the AYFC - Dollar system cannot have a long duration. Endogenous and exogenous agents will cause its collapse. The former may be a capitalist crisis or a sudden financial panic. The latter are likely to be geopolitical in nature. For example, the firm decision for the states of the Multipolar Front to exit the system in order to organize trade among themselves differently. In any case, the results of the failure of the AYFC-Dollar system will create, on the one hand, a great world depression as never seen before, much worse than those of 1929 or 2008, and, on the other hand, the division of the world capitalist system into different commercial and monetary zones, returning to a scenario similar to that of the 1930s.

All this will result in a substantial worsening of the living standards of the working classes of the imperialist center, as a consequence of the aforementioned capitalist crisis, the loss of imperialist surplus profits and the increase in military spending. Living standards which will be affected by severe restrictions in health, education, social services, pensions, etc., creating conditions for the Socialist Revolution in the imperialist countries. However, one cannot rule out the emergence of Fascism or the fact that Imperialism intends to commit one last militaristic folly. Because it has never been seen that an oppressor class abandons its power voluntarily, but as a consequence of a military defeat.

For more on this in English, French and Spanish:


We have dealt with this issue extensively in previous releases, so we will mention again what was expressed in last month´s:

"We have a historic opportunity to put an end to Imperialism and therefore HERRITAR BATASUNA gives its critical support to the Multipolar Front. And we do give our support because it is the first real possibility since the collapse of the Socialist Bloc to destroy Western Imperialism that has enslaved the planet for five centuries. But it´s a very critical support because we are revolutionary socialists and our strategic objective is to build societies without social classes, state or patriarchy. In no case do we identify with the state capitalism of the states of the Multipolar Front. But as these capitalist states are anti-imperialist, we support and applaud their resistance. We clearly speak of Russia, Iran, China, Cuba, Venezuela, Korea, Nicaragua, Syria, Palestine, Yemen, Lebanon, Iraq, Mali, etc." (February 25 release).

"Anyone who is not totally intoxicated by the propaganda of Imperialism, will immediately realize that within the Multipolar Front we have most of the Socialist and Anti-Imperialist Revolutions that have taken place in the 20th century: Russia and Belarus, China, Korea, Iran, Cuba, Nicaragua, Venezuela, Syria, Yemen... All these countries broke with Imperialist Capitalism and some initiated Socialist Transition Processes towards Communism. Socialism is, in our view, the transition from Capitalism to Communism.

Unfortunately, imperialist attacks from abroad and the class interests of the state bourgeoisie from within forced most of these post-revolutionary countries to retreat, with very different rhythms, processes and consequences. The Soviet Union collapsed and Capitalism was restored throughout the Soviet Bloc. China regressed progressively towards Capitalism without breaks in the system. Korea is still at war with the United States and has a Yankee colony, armed to the teeth, in the south of its territory. Cuba had to make economic concessions to avoid collapse. In Iran an Islamic Revolution was carried out, a process of very different characteristics, far from the socialist model, but with a frontal fight against Imperialism and effectively and sincerely helping the other anti-imperialist countries: Palestine, Lebanon, Yemen, Syria, Iraq, Venezuela, Cuba....

We can place all these countries today within the sphere of state capitalism. However, Imperialism continues to attack them constantly, because they do not kneel totally before its interests. Although they are capitalist states, they have their own national bourgeoisies which take care in some way of the welfare of their population. They are harmful models for the other Peoples who live on the periphery of Capitalism, in misery and under the most terrible oppression. The state bourgeoisies of the Multipolar Front tried, in vain, to make a place for themselves in the New World Order. Imperialism sought total submission and absolute exploitation, as it has achieved throughout Africa. The annihilation of Libya was the decisive event to become aware that there was nothing for them within the Imperialist System. Their only option was to unite and fight for their survival, which is what they are currently doing. (Note added when translating the original Basque into English: We have recently seen a video of Joe Biden, from 1997, laughing at Russia's pleas to integrate in a dignified and non-humiliating way into the Anglo-Yankee-Zionist New World Order. Amid audience laughter, he suggested Russia ally itself with China, or even Iran. Which they have done. The infinite arrogance and boundless arrogance of Anglo-Yankee-Zionist Imperialism has ended up digging its own grave, as happened with all its predecessors, the Spanish Empire, the Portuguese, the Dutch, the French, the British and the III REICH).

This is what forced all the states of the Multipolar Front to unite in order to survive. This alliance is very multiple and plural at all levels. The factor that has unified all these states is Anti-imperialism. The tension has been increasing in recent years and has finally exploded in Ukraine. We want the victory of the Multipolar Front, and in this case of Russia, which would mean the beginning of the end of Anglo-Yankee-Zionist Imperialism. If we defeat Imperialism we will improve the conditions to face the challenges of Humanity all over the planet. It may be easier to restart the Socialist Transition to Communism all over the world, by means of the Socialist Revolution. We have no illusions and we know that these state bourgeoisies have their own class interests. The class struggle will determine the destiny of the world... As it has always been.

That is why we critically support the Multipolar Front, and that is why we fully support the anti-fascist counter-offensive undertaken by the People's Republics of Donbass and the Russian Federation. Their triumph will weaken Imperialism. On the contrary, the defeat of Russia would provoke the fall of Syria and the imperialist aggressions against Iran, Venezuela, Cuba, Korea, Nicaragua and China. There are no half measures possible. We are immersed in a new phase of World War III. This war imposed by Imperialism we must turn into Socialist Revolutions. win or die!" (March 4 release).


As we have already said, these days we are witnessing a great number of geopolitical earthquakes due to the anti-fascist counter-offensive of Russia: Imperialism intends now to "reconcile" with Iran, Venezuela and China in order to further isolate Russia and better destroy it. Then it will again "reconcile" with two of them, the better to destroy the third, and in the end all the states of the Multipolar Front will be wiped out one by one. You have to be as dumb as the Yankees to believe that with this kind of childish tricks you can fool the states of the Multipolar Front. Gadaffi in Libya was like that and look how he ended up. We all saw his terrible death on TV. As CHE GUEVARA said, "Imperialism is never to be trusted... not even a little bit like this!"

States that have historically been servile and submissive pawns of Imperialism have ignored the latest US orders to isolate and sanction Russia. Among them, Turkey, Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates... They say that the wind is changing its course and the dirty laundry as well. A very significant sign. The tentacles of Anglo-Yankee-Zionist Imperialism are not as powerful as they used to be. Much better for all the Working Peoples of the planet.

We must add To them the states that have not condemned the Russian anti-fascist counteroffensive.

In Africa: Algeria, Angola, Bangladesh, Burundi, South Africa, Sudan, Congo, Equatorial Guinea, Madagascar, Mali, Mozambique, Namibia, Central African Republic, Senegal, Sudan, Tanzania, Uganda and Zimbabwe.

In Asia: Armenia, India, Iraq, Iran, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Laos, Mongolia, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Tajikistan, China and Vietnam.

In America: Bolivia, El Salvador, Cuba and Nicaragua.

Plus the twelve states that did not even show up at the UN Assembly: Azerbaijan, Burkina Faso, Cameroon, Guinea, Guinea-Bissau, Morocco, Togo, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan and Venezuela.

As it can be seen, the absolute majority of the inhabitants of this planet. Who is isolated then? The so-called "International Community" is none other than the imperialist countries and their faithful servants and slaves. In Asia, a solid economic, political and military bloc is being built that will rapidly revolutionize the global (im)balance that has existed until now. The multipolar world is getting closer and closer. A great hope for the Peoples of the world....

But the greatest geopolitical earthquake has been the triple somersault of the Kingdom of Spain. Kneeling before Morocco, the social-democrat president Pedro Sánchez has carried out an unforgivable betrayal of Western Sahara. We should speak now of a social-imperialist or social-fascist president, in light of what we have seen. In the coming months we will see how this conflict between Western Sahara, Morocco and Algeria will evolve. Knowing that behind Morocco is the whole of Imperialism: the United States, the United Kingdom, France, Germany and, above all, the Zionist colony of Palestine which has usurped the historical name of "Israel". Russia and Cuba have always been friends of Western Sahara and Algeria, it is well known. A complex panorama, really... and very worrying... drums of war...

Is Morocco going to destroy the Polisario by a brutal attack and for that purpose enter the refugee camps of Tindouf, in Algerian territory? Or will it go further and invade Algeria to appropriate its gas and oil, which the European Union urgently needs? Knowing this, and seeing the colonial cities of Ceuta and Melilla, and even the Canary Islands themselves threatened, is what has made president Pedro Sánchez, and with him the whole kingdom of Spain, king Felipe VI of Borbon included, shamefully kneel down and humiliate themselves before the corrupt king of Morocco. Has Imperialism given Morocco the permission to destabilize the whole geopolitical situation in North Africa, so that it can be the local gendarme? Is the fact that Mali has expelled the French related to all this?

We will have answers to these questions in the coming months. However, from March 26 to 30, the US Secretary of State, Antony Blinken, will be in Palestine, visiting the Zionist colony calling itself "Israel", deceiving the Palestinian autonomists of the West Bank and then moving on to Algeria and Morocco. This trip does not bode well... so pay attention!

Above all, we want to manifest and make clear our total and unconditional militant and revolutionary solidarity with the Western Sahara.


At this point, it is clear that life is becoming more expensive due to the collapse of Capitalism and that things will not be solved within the framework of the capitalist system, making reforms and sewing patches.

NATO being the armed wing of Capitalism, it is incomprehensible to us how demonstrations can be carried out in the four capitals of Hego Euskal Herria under the slogan "Stop the high cost of living", without making a single mention of this terrorist and genocidal organization of Imperialism in their final communiqués, nor in their posters calling for action. And without a single mention in favor of the anti-fascist counter-offensive of the People's Republics of Donbass and the Russian Federation.

Some of these demonstrataros seem to believe that Communism was invented by themselves, and that before them there were no communists in Euskal Herria until they joined the struggle. We hope that in the coming months and years these leftist infantilisms will be put aside and that they will develop into a true revolutionary communist line, without repeating this type of profoundly opportunist attitudes.

In the class struggle, it is necessary to define the enemies well and confront them correctly, avoiding euphemisms and circumlocutions. The Socialist Movement, and most especially GKS, has to speak clearly and explain well who it supports and who it opposes in this phase of World War III. Equating  Anglo-Yankee-Zionist Imperialism to the Multipolar Front, in the name of an alleged "political independence of the Proletariat" is not only a huge theoretical fraud, but it also indirectly benefits NATO.

Thousands of young people demonstrated in the four capitals of Hego Euskal Herria, but not against NATO... Who benefits from this objective fact, in spite of all the brilliant and erudite "Marxist" rhetoric? Euskal Herria said no to NATO in 1986. Why was this historical victory not mentioned in the four demonstrations of the Socialist Movement? Are those also "things of the past"? Does it not fit with the "new times"? All this is unraveling in the midst of a NATO imperialist attack. Shameful, really! And let's hope it is only shameful, and not something much worse.

HERRITAR BATASUNA is very conscious that in GKS the most honest, coherent and combative youth Euskal Herria has gathered, and that the hope of the Basque Socialist Revolution is in their hands. That is why we find this type of attitudes and behavior so painful and incomprehensible. We hope that this criticism will serve to open a broad debate among Basque revolutionaries.


As the collapse of Agonistic Capitalism advances, more and more social sectors are forced to fight against the rising prices of all commodities, inflation, all kinds of cuts, falling wages, precariousness. We are always in favor of all those who fight against oppression. But this does not mean that we agree with everything that the oppressed demand. We support the strike of the truck drivers, but, to all the sectors that fight at the same time (workers, farmers, pensioners, students...) we must say:


We must not have any illusions. The crisis will get harder and harder. The subsidies and aids that the state will grant to stop the strikes and protests will be insufficient and will be exhausted immediately by the dynamics of the market itself. Neither the French Republic, nor the Kingdom of Spain, nor much less the Basque-Spanish and Basque-French autonomous bourgeois institutions can stop the collapse of Agonistic Capitalism. This does not mean, however, that we are against small improvements and partial conquests, sure we are! Everything that has been achieved by means of the workers and popular struggle is well achieved, and is well come! But once again, we have to say that the Capitalist System is collapsing and sinking, and we have to build a communist alternative as soon as possible. The first step of the communist project is the Socialist Revolution. We have to prepare, train and organize ourselves for the Socialist Revolution. For the revolutionary struggle. That is the only hope today.


HERRITAR BATASUNA is aware that the Socialist Revolution is not for the time being, and we are aware that it will be an extraordinarily long and complex process. What we want to say to the Basque Working People and especially to the Basque Working Class is that we have to place a classless, stateless and patriarchal society on the horizon and understand the Socialist Revolution as a tactical step.

And in the meantime? In the meantime, start organizing and fighting as soon as possible with us, HERRITAR BATASUNA, or with the revolutionary organization of your choice. Don't wait for anyone to tell you what to do, do what you think is right for you. Organize in assemblies in towns and neighborhoods, workshops and factories. Create networks and progressively build proletarian solidarity. And let's start to implement a basic program for Euskal Herria and the rest of the European nations and the  nations from all over the world: nationalization of all the banks, nationalization of the energy companies, nationalization of the main transport companies, nationalization of all the properties of the big landowners and all their lands, nationalization of all the food companies, nationalization of all the multinationals, nationalization of private education, nationalization of the media, exit from NATO and the European Union for Euskal Herria and all the other nations of Europe, dissolution of all the bourgeois armies and all the police at the service of Capital, etc. We need a revolutionary socialist program to confront the Collapse of Agonizing Capitalism, before it is too late. HERRITAR BATASUNA is ready to discuss this program with all the organizations and militants who want to fight with us in the coming months. We will have to move fast!

HERRITAR BATASUNA is not inventing anything. All these ideas are found in the Scientific Revolutionary Communist Theory. This is a very appropriate text by LENIN at this time:

Along with Lenin, we also want to ask a question to all those who believe in Euskal Herria: Can we push forward if we are afraid to advance towards Socialism?" It is time to start raising the topicality of Socialism. The arrantzales have stopped going fishing in the ports, the transporters are struggling, the factories are closing because they have no raw materials, the fear of hunger and scarcity is spreading among the workers, the drums of World War III are heard at any time and in any place... Will the workers begin to wake up? We believe so, but maybe unfortunately only when the chaos provoked by the Collapse of Capitalism leaves us no other option. It is up to us ourselves to prepare a revolutionary alternative for when that time comes.

If you have come this far, at the end of this very long text, it means that you have enthusiasm and revolutionary consciousness. Here we repeat what we have said in the last documents and we welcome you, friend, comrade!

Forward! AURRERA!

"As we repeat again and again in our documents, we must organize, train and fight. There is no other solution. The imperialist oligarchies have plunged us headlong into World War III. Previously they did it by means of the coronavirus to attack China and to be able to apply their totalitarian measures through the "plandemic". It seems that, for the time being, this biological warfare will be partially stoppeed, until further notice. Now, the terminal crisis of Capitalism will be aggravated by the war in Ukraine. Class struggles will harden all over the world, increasing the misery and oppression of the Working Class at all levels. We will see social explosions during the coming months all over the world. It is up to us to turn these explosions into Socialist Revolutions.

As Basque Revolutionaries, our mission is to make the Socialist Revolution in our national framework, that is, to prepare and carry out the Basque Socialist Revolution fighting tooth and nail within the World Socialist Revolution. And for this we need to build unity among all Basque revolutionaries to constitute the Basque Socialist Revolutionary Movement of National Liberation, to achieve Independence and Socialism in Euskal Herria. The Basque Socialist Republic of Navarra, that is to say, the Basque Socialist State. Having a clear conscience that this is a worldwide struggle and that the Basque Working People must always act with Proletarian Internationalism, without national egoism. We want Euskal Herria to be free to live in equality and fraternity with all the other Peoples of the world, as brothers and sisters. In a planet without classes, states or patriarchy.

Our internationalist obligation is, now and here, to support the anti-fascist counteroffensive in Donbass and Russia, as well as to support all the world struggles against Imperialism and Capitalism: Palestine, Yemen, Syria, Colombia, Western Sahara, Philippines, etc. It will take many Vietnams to destroy once and for all the fascist Beast, we can do it all together, for each one on their own it is totally impossible!

These are hard times and harder times will come. We revolutionaries are going to know in the coming months the same tragic loneliness that was experienced in 1914, isolated as we are by the apparent "pacifist" hysteria and anti-Russian chauvinism unleashed by NATO and Imperialism. We must hold high the banner of Socialist Revolution and the red compass of Anti-Imperialism. The pandemics and wars provoked by Anglo-Yankee-Zionist Imperialism will accelerate the terminal crisis of Capitalism. The class struggles will sharpen and radicalize in the coming years, so that the Working Class and all the other oppressed peoples will have to wake up from the lethargy of their alienation. Then will come the epoch of the Socialist Revolution."

We have nothing else to say, enough of the bullshit! Come on, get organized and fight!




Erresistentzia antiinperialistaren alde,

mundu mailako Iraultza Sozialistaren alde!







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