Release # 15:

Against NATO, the Ukrainian Nazis and for

the self-determination of Donbass

        We are not and do not wish to be neutral, nor do we wish to be equidistant, in the face of the events in full swing in Eastern Europe.

        The war conflict involving a diverse set of actors did not begin with the Russian intervention in Ukraine.

        The origin of the current conflict emanates from the Kiev government's refusal to comply with the terms of the 2014 Minsk agreements, promoting permanent aggressions by the Ukrainian Armed Forces and Ukrainian Nazi militias against the territories of the Donetsk and Lugansk Republics.

        It stemss from a conflict between the United States in partial decline, struggling to maintain and perpetuate its criminal hegemony, against the rise of China, which intends to replace it as the hegemonic power.

       It stems from the permanent expansionism of NATO, breaking the agreements signed in the final stage of the USSR, not to incorporate countries of the former Soviet bloc, enclosing the borders and cornering Russia.

        These are the three main factors that allow us to understand what is happening in Ukraine.

         The current regime in Kiev is more a protectorate of the EU and NATO than a sovereign state. An oligarchic regime supported by Nazi-fascist militias, which persecutes, represses and keeps in illegality the communist and workers' organizations, which allowed massacres such as that of the House of Trade Unions in Odessa in 2014.

       Faced with the manipulation of the disinformation media of the Spanish oligarchy, the pro-NATO followers or the abstract "pacifism" of the majority forces of the "left" of our respective countries, the member organizations of the International Conference (Agora Galiza-Unidade Popular, Herritar Batasuna and Nación Andaluza), faithful to the class independence that guides our tactical and strategic political line manifest:

                 1º- Our support to the right of self-determination of the peoples of the Donbass.

                 2º- Our condemnation of the provocations of NATO and the European Union, who always ruled out a diplomatic solution to the conflict, opting for instigating and promoting Russian military intervention.

                3º- Our certainty that the basic premise for diplomacy to be imposed is that peace is only possible by guaranteeing the neutrality of Ukraine, renouncing its incorporation into the imperialist structures (NATO and EU), the defascistization of the current Ukrainian State, and the recognition of the legitimate right of self-determination of the peoples that make it up.

                 4º- Our condemnation of the warmongering policy of the false progressive Spanish government, pathetic puppet of the geopolitical interests of Washington and Brussels.

                5º- Our reiteration for the need for the dissolution of NATO and the dismantling of the Yankee and British military bases in Andalusia and of all the military infrastructures at the service of NATO in the various territories of the Spanish State.


February 26, 2022


International Conference:

Agora Galiza - Popular Unity

Andalusian Nation

Herritar Batasuna