Release # 11. The International Conference with the Rif People.


          The member organizations of the International Conference (Agora Galiza-Unidade Popular, Nación Andaluza and Herritar Batasuna) have signed a declaration together with the pro-independence Rifian organization National Assembly of Rif (NAR) in which we support and endorse the just aspirations of the Rifian people to national self-determination and specifically to legitimately dispose of the cities of Ceuta and Melilla, currently Spanish colonies on Rif soil:

               JOINT DECLARATION

                       Following the irresponsible statements of the President of the Moroccan Government, in which he considered that Ceuta and Melilla "are Moroccan cities", and the equally irresponsible statements of the Spanish Minister of Foreign Affairs, who considered that these two cities are Spanish and are not subject to discussion, the Rif organization NAR (National Assembly of the Rif) together with the undersigned organizations wish to recall the following points:

                       Ceuta and Melilla are first and foremost Rifian cities, on the one hand even before the existence of the Kingdom of Morocco and on the other hand before the Spanish colonization more than 5 centuries ago.

                       More than 45% of the current population of the two cities are Rifians.

                       The Rif, which from 1926 to 1956 was under Spanish occupation, was offered to the criminal Moroccan regime in total violation of international law.

                       The Spanish State as the occupying force of the Rif between 1912 and 1956 must courageously look at its history, recognize and assume its share of responsibility for all the crimes suffered by the people of the Rif.

                       The Rifian people are not bound to respect the results of discussions or negotiations between the Spanish State and the Moroccan regime on matters concerning their historical land.

10th June 2021