Final Declaration of the II International Conference:

Weaving the Global Insurgency.



          Today, July 24, 2021, the II International Conference has taken place in Compostela [Galiza], with the participation of delegates from Agora Galiza-Unidade Popular, Herritar Batasuna and Nación Andaluza, as well as with the presence of activists of the causes of the working people.

          During the course of the II International Conference, the Colombian insurgent guerrilla commander Jesús Santrich has been honored by agreeing to incorporate him posthumously as a permanent member of the Executive Committee of the International Conference.

          The main agreements and orientations emanating from the debate and reflections carried out at the II International Conference are the following:

               1.- To ratify the need to deepen the tactical and strategic coordination of our respective organizations, in order to contribute to the development of the resistance and the struggle against imperialist domination.

               2.- In the two years that have passed between our foundation and the present, we have seen how the structural crisis of agonizing capitalism has aggravated the impoverishment and misery of the immense majority of the proletarian masses.

                3.- The controlled 'chaos' extends throughout the periphery of the capitalist center, causing desolation and misery, wars of plunder and repression, but also strikes with increasing virulence among the working people of the capitalist and imperialist metropolises.


               4.- This imperialist phase of capitalism is leading the planet to an ecological crisis of incalculable consequences that endangers our species.

              5.- Faced with the seriousness of the structural crisis of the most lethal mode of production in the history of humanity, the bourgeoisie chooses to promote the terrorist alternative of domination. This is a dissuasive and preventive measure in the face of the still timid struggles both with a resistance as well as with an offensive character of the peoples and their workers´ and peasants´ vanguards. Fascism is already a reality in a good part of the world.

               6.- The various electoral alternatives promoted by the different 'institutional lefts' continue to be a fiasco. Their reforms are incapable of solving the challenges in course, incapable of stopping the aggressions suffered by the working class and the working people as a whole, contributing to generate false illusions among the oppressed, which is highly functional to perpetuate the bourgeois dictatorship.

               7.- Faced with the tactics imposed by the think tanks of imperialism, trying to replace the class contradiction by the gender contradiction, diverting our attention from just causes that hide the origin and their responsibilities in the multiple dominations that we suffer, we ratify that it is the Capital-Labor contradiction the central axis that will allow the genuine emancipation of working women and the subjugated peoples.

               Only the workers', popular and national liberation struggles of proletarian orientation will succeed in raising the level of consciousness of the masses, mobilize and fight in an organized and united way against exploitation and the multiple dominations and oppressions that we suffer from the capitalist mode of production.

               The need to reorganize each and every one of the struggle and combat tools that the working class and the whole of the working and impoverished people have historically used, with which gains and rights have been achieved, with which victorious revolutions of anti-imperialist and socialist character throughout the 20th century have been achieved, and which capitalism has been progressively dismantling in recent decades.

               The rebellions that during this biennium have led the working and impoverished peoples of Ecuador, Chile, Colombia, the struggles of the Afro-American people against racism in the heart of the Yankee beast, and the resistance of the Palestinian and Saharawi people just show which the road to follow is.

               The triumph of the popular rebellions, facilitating that they can move towards insurrectional processes, are intrinsically linked to the existence of vigorous revolutionary organizations of socialist/communist orientation endowed with a subversive strategy, surpassing the sterilized and inoffensive theoretical-practical action that characterizes the immense majority of the parties and organizations that declare themselves inspired by the immense theoretical work of Marx, Engels, Lenin and Che.

          On the 150th anniversary of the Paris Commune, -the first experience of workers' government in history-, the II International Conference manifests:

               1.- Our solidarity with the heroic Cuban people, our unconditional support for their sovereignty and national independence, in the face of the tightening of the blockade and the brutal onslaught that they are suffering from imperialism.

               2.-Our determination to continue contributing through our theoretical magazine: Insurgencia Global - Proletari to restore the theoretical and practical foundations of Marxism.

               3.- Our determination to continue laying the foundations to promote a new Proletarian International, which brings together the largest number of organizations, forces and parties, whose objective is to organize the Socialist/Communist Revolution in their specific social formations, as an indivisible part of the Socialist/Communist Revolution worldwide. 


Compostela, Galiza, July 24, 2021