The organizations that integrate the INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE: NACIÓN ANDALUZA, AGORA GALIZA-UNIDADE POPULAR and HERRITAR BATASUNA, want to send to all the militancy of the FARC-EP Nueva Marquetalia our most heartfelt condolences for the murder of commander Jesús Santrich at the hands of the special forces of the Colombian narco-terrorist oligarchy, at the orders of the Yankee-Zionist Imperialism. As revolutionaries, we can only express our total and absolute solidarity.    

        Likewise, we make an urgent appeal to all the Peoples of the world, to their Working Classes, workers and peasants, and especially to the whole of the Revolutionary Proletariat, to build, strengthen and develop the GLOBAL INSURGENCY that will put an end once and for all to Fascism, Imperialism and Capitalism.

        The tenacious, heroic and persevering struggle of Palestine marks the path for us, as Vietnam did in its time. We are left speechless when trying to describe the horror that genocidal Zionism has unleashed for more than 75 years against the Palestinian people. The only way out for Palestine is the total destruction of the Zionist Colonial State, which has shamelessly usurped the historic name "Israel". The Zionists want to do with Palestinians what the Yankees did in the 19th century with Native Americans: dominate them, deport them, exterminate them and finally confine them in reservations. They will not succeed! They will not pass!

        In this life or death struggle, the Palestinian people are not alone, they count on the support and solidarity of all the revolutionaries of the world. Most especially, with the help of the Axis of Anti-imperialist Resistance, formed mainly by Palestine, Syria, Lebanon, Yemen, Iraq and Iran. The INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE declares that the war against Yankee-Zionist Imperialism, its Saudi puppet and its Arab satellites is global, and must be understood using a framework of geopolitical reflection. The wars in Palestine, Syria, Yemen, Iraq, Libya, Afghanistan and other West Asian countries respond to the global plan of imperialist domination. The only way out is the victory of the Working Peoples of all these nations, and of the Axis of Anti-Imperialist Resistance, and the defeat, withdrawal and disappearance of Yankee-Zionist Imperialism and its mercenary states. This is our revolutionary hope and conviction, and our struggle in solidarity.

        The world has become an erupting volcano. Class struggles are erupting in different parts of the planet, forming the features of an incipient GLOBAL INSURGENCE that we must organize and coordinate. Latin America current epicenter is Colombia, where the narco-terrorist Oligarchy is massacring the People with a cruelty without limits, akin to the one used in Palestine by their Zionist friends and allies. The assassination of the guerrilla commander of the F.A.R.C.-E.P. NUEVA MARQUETALIA, Jesús Santrich, is nothing more than another terrorist attack in the endless list of crimes by the Colombian genocidal Oligarchy. We have in our minds and in our hearts thousands of names of revolutionaries killed in combat or vilely assassinated in treason. We want to mention here five militants of Manuel Marulanda´s and Jacobo Arenas´s Popular Army: Martín Caballero, Raúl Reyes, Iván Ríos, Jorge Briceño and Alfonso Cano. Five points in a red star full of brotherly faces…

        The visible faces of Colombian bourgeois terrorism are the drug lords and paramilitaries Álvaro Uribe and Iván Duque. But let us not deceive ourselves, the genocidal Colombian Oligarchy has been murdering the workers and peasants of that country with impunity for a century. As when talking about Palestine, the INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE declares that the only way out is to definitively destroy the Colombian bourgeois state, main mercenary gendarme of Yankee-Zionist Imperialism and NATO in Latin America. To achieve victory, as in Palestine, all forms of struggle are necessary and indispensable. We reaffirm our total and absolute militant solidarity with the Colombian popular rebellion, and we wish it total victory in its struggle against narcoterrorism.

        In our opinion, this uprising of the Colombian Working People must be transformed into a Bolivarian Revolution, sister in solidarity with that of Venezuela´s. To achieve this strategic objective for the PATRIA GRANDE LATINOAMERICANA, the popular uprisings of the Colombian cities must converge with the political-military struggle of the guerrilla armed organizations, especially the F.A.R.C.-E.P. and the E.L.N., on the road to a General Patriotic Insurrection that destroys forever the power of the genocidal Colombian Oligarchy. Without the triumph of the Colombian Bolivarian Revolution, the narco-terrorist Oligarchy will fully carry out the extermination of the revolutionary sectors that they began more than a century ago. The assassination of Jesús Santrich announces the absolute terror and systematic genocide that will inexorably happen in case of defeat or surrender of the patriotic and revolutionary popular forces. Those "One Hundred Years of Solitude" must become "One Hundred Years of Solidarity" with the "open veins of Latin America". This is the unrenounceable objective of the INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE.

        The struggle in Colombia is decisive for the construction of the PATRIA GRANDE LATINOAMERICANA. We have not forgotten the recent popular rebellions in Chile, Ecuador, Honduras and Haiti, the struggle in Bolivia against the coup d'état of the oligarchy teleguided by the Yankees, and especially by the postmodern and egomaniacal capitalist Elon Musk, the resistance against the aggression and blockade of Imperialism against Cuba and Venezuela, the popular struggles in Argentina, Mexico, Peru, Central America, the opposition to the authoritarian and pro-Zionist Bolsonaro´s government in Brazil, the struggle of the Paraguayan People's Army, and so many others that are sweeping through Our America.

        Let us repeat here again Che´s words: "North Americans have almost reached the maximum of their political and economic domination, they could advance little more. Any change in the situation could become a setback to their primacy. Their policy is to maintain what they have conquered. The line of action is reduced at the present time to the brutal use of force to prevent liberation movements of any kind whatsoever. Under the slogan, "we will not allow another Cuba" (nor another Venezuela, we add...), the possibility of aggressions is concealed, such as the one perpetrated against Santo Domingo, or, previously, the massacre in Panama, and the clear warning that Yankee troops are ready to intervene anywhere in America where the established order is altered, endangering their interests. This policy enjoys almost absolute impunity; the OAS is a comfortable mask, however discredited it may be; the UN is ineffective, bordering on the ridiculous or tragic; the armies of all the countries of America are ready to intervene to crush their Peoples. In fact, the International of crime and treason has been formed. On the other hand, the native bourgeoisies have lost all their capacity to oppose Imperialism and only form its caboose. THERE ARE NO MORE CHANGES TO BE MADE; EITHER SOCIALIST REVOLUTION OR A CARICATURE OF REVOLUTION".

        5.- The explosion of social contradictions and class struggles also affect Africa, the forgotten and martyred continent, where the POLISARIO FRONT has had to resume the war against the corrupt and drug-trafficking monarchy of the Kingdom of Morocco, in defense of the interests of the People of Western Sahara and against the colonization of its national territory. It is not by chance that this corrupt monarchy, twin sister of the Spanish one, has recently established official diplomatic relations with the Zionist Colonial State. Nor that the latter in turn is a faithful ally of the genocidal Colombian oligarchy. Nor that the Kingdom of Morocco is the main gendarme and watchdog of the United States of America throughout the Maghreb.

        For the moment, Yankee-Zionist Imperialism maintains control over Africa, with the help of the native neo-colonial bourgeoisies, but it is only a question of time and the outcome of class struggles before this volcano erupts. Meanwhile, thousands and thousands of new proletarian wage slaves flee the hell that Capitalism has turned Africa into, to come, on their own feet and risking their lives, to be mercilessly exploited by the bourgeoisies of imperialist Europe, in a win-win situation for the Globalist Oligarchy. The massive "illegal" immigration relieves the demographic pressure artificially generated by the misery created by the African neocolonial regimes, and at the same time it imports cheap and semi-slave labor, deprived of rights and papers, and used to keep on the profit rates of European Capitalism. This is the dark side of this huge slave trade business in the Mediterranean.

        6.- There is an anti-fascist war going on in Europe, where the People's Republics of Donbass are confronting with weapons in hand the junta of neo-liberal savages and Nazis who seized power in Ukraine by means of a coup d'état disguised as a "color revolution". We have witnessed public tributes to the various Ukrainian and Baltic divisions of the WAFFEN SS. Which does not surprise us either, given that recently the Phalangist BLAUE DIVISION / DIVISION AZUL, which actively participated in the genocidal siege of Leningrad, where two million people were murdered, was paid homage in the very center of the capital of the Kingdom of Spain. The INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE expresses its solidarity with the anti-fascist Donbass, the first trench of struggle against Fascism that threatens all Europe. To conclude this analysis of the incipient GLOBAL INSURGENCY that is being articulated throughout the world, we cannot forget the guerrilla struggle that revolutionary communists are carrying out in India and the Philippines, nor the constant aggressions and blockade that Yankee-Zionist Imperialism is committing against the People's Republic of Korea, with the support of the neocolonial puppet state installed in the south of the peninsula.

        7.- Yankee-Zionist Imperialism has established a political-military, economic, media and diplomatic siege against the two State Capitalism powers arising from the stagnation and subsequent collapse and / or counterrevolutionary evolution of the Transitions to the Communist Mode of Production, initiated after two Socialist Revolutions in the 20th century, in 1917 and 1949. In the case of the Russian Federation, this encirclement goes from the Arctic and the Baltic to the Black Sea, and from the Caucasus to the Bering Strait. The People's Republic of China is surrounded by hostile and pro-imperialist satellite states, including Japan, the Philippines, Australia, India and the Yankee colony called "Taiwan". Let us not forget the military dictatorship in Burma, which enjoys tacit Chinese support. A complex geostrategic reality in which the INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE is always on the side of the oppressed masses, of the workers and peasants, without ever falling into the subtle geopolitical traps of Imperialism.

        8.- The structural crisis of what we call Agonic Capitalism confirms Marx´s scientific analysis in "Das Kapital": about its incapacity to solve the problems of Humanity in the long term; about its historical and transitory character in the history of the modes of production and social formations; and about its ineluctable and inevitable tendency to collapse because of its insurmountable economic contradictions in its insatiable struggle to accumulate more and more capital, in spite of the counter tendencies set in motion in the last century and a half, which gave birth to its imperialist phase. This phase of Capitalism only provokes more misery and hunger, unemployment and more unemployment, poverty wages and labor precariousness, wars of aggression and plunder of the resources and wealth of the Working Peoples, and is leading the Planet to an ecological crisis of incalculable consequences that puts the possibility of the disappearance of the human species on the table. The alternative is "REVOLUTION OR EXTINCTION!"

        9.- This slogan is based on a profound analysis of this agonizing terminal phase of imperialist Capitalism and its insoluble contradictions, which drive it, once again, to unleash a new World War of incalculable consequences, in which one of the working hypotheses is, precisely, the extinction of Humanity, of the entire human species. It is precisely thanks to the anti-imperialist military counter-power of the Multipolar Front built around China, Russia and Iran that the atomic phase of World War III has not yet broken out. Which is not to say that it will not happen in the coming decades, as the clashes between Yankee-Zionist Imperialism and its allies against the Multipolar Front intensify. And that is a matter of time....

         We are three revolutionary organizations that see with a critical eye the reality of the class struggle within the three states of the Multipolar Front. We analyze the peculiarities of their respective state capitalisms, the situation of their working and peasant classes, of their proletariat. We have no illusions about the revolutionary potentialities of the Multipolar Front. But we have full confidence in the Working Peoples of China, Russia and Iran, in the sense that, once defeated once and for all the Western Imperialism, which has conquered, plundered, massacred, exploited and colonized the entire Planet for 500 years, they will know how to find the way to also destroy the imperialist system, they will know how to find the way to also destroy Capitalism in all its forms and variants, and build a World Socialist System, in solidarity, fraternal and egalitarian, which will begin the reconstruction of the ruins that the collapse and fierce resistance of class societies will leave in the world. We aspire to the creation of the World Anti-Imperialist Front, and of the Movement against Fascism, Imperialist Wars and for a Multipolar World in Peace. This will be the task of the INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE in the coming years. A titanic task in which we hope to find the help and support of all the sincere revolutionaries of the Planet, and that of their organizations. The hour of revolutionary unity has arrived, and this objective is urgent.

        With regard to our specific framework of struggle, Europe and the Western Mediterranean, we see that all the data confirm our analysis. The deep crisis in which the Kingdom of Spain is gradually sinking is inexorably worsening. Neo-Francoist Fascism is advancing by leaps and bounds and the struggle of the classes and of the oppressed nations, especially Catalonia, instead of radicalizing, is stagnating and languishing because of the ideological hegemony of the different social democracies, and the enormous organizational weakness of the revolutionary forces. The harsh austericide measures that the European Imperialist Union is going to impose on the Kingdom of Spain will further harden the living conditions of the Working Classes of its different Nations. If we do not fight, we will certainly head towards a new medieval slavery....

        The situation is extreme in the French bourgeois Republic, where the workers' and popular uprising of the yellow vests, of the ghettos of the African immigrant proletariat and of the trade unions has been momentarily stopped by the state of exception imposed under the cover of the fight against the coronavirus. The volcano authoritatively extinguished by the Zionist puppet Macron will explode the moment when the French imperialist oligarchy least expects it. We have no space here to analyze the situation of the French Colonial Empire, present on the five continents, nor the interventions of the French Bourgeois Republic in Africa, of which it is the supreme gendarme, and it is ultimately responsible for the genocide in Rwanda, the greatest crime committed, but not the only one.

        The Kingdom of Morocco, deeply corrupt and authoritarian, confronts the Saharawi People in the south, and the People of the Rif in the north. Let´s not forget here the Moroccan working and peasant masses, submerged in the blackest of misery and absolute desperation, and forced to emigrate risking their lives, turned into a bargaining chip and instrument of geopolitical pressure. In these days we are seeing this phenomenon of strategic use of immigration in the two Spanish colonies in the territory of the Rif Republic, Ceuta and Melilla. Let´s recall that the Rif Republic was independent between 1921 and 1926, under the leadership of Abd El Krim, whose guerrilla tactics inspired revolutionary Mao Tse Tung, Ho Chi Minh and Ernesto CHE Guevara.

        Not to mention Italy or Portugal, in permanent crisis for decades. Nor can we forget the National Liberation struggle of Corsica, a French colony in the western Mediterranean, or the profound national aspirations of Sardinia, Sicily and Kabylia. We have leave aside the complex analysis of the class struggles in Tunisia and Algeria. Europe and the Western Mediterranean are a powder keg of latent national and class contradictions. We must make them explode.

        Our great challenge is, accepting with humility the small dimension and the militant weakness of our respective revolutionary organizations, to advance in the construction of powerful Revolutionary Socialist Movements of National Liberation in Galicia, Andalusia and Euskal Herria, in order to carry out Socialist Revolutions in our national frameworks of struggle. These future Socialist Republics will sooner or later find the adequate formula that guarantees the maximum unity and solidarity of the World Working Class, and, at the same time, assures the maximum respect and support to the different and plural national identities that exist within the Proletariat. The political shape that this proletarian internationalism will take among sovereign and independent Socialist Republics will be determined by the development, evolution and outcome of the class struggle within our respective social formations.   

        The International Conference was founded on the 100th anniversary of the founding of the Third International, the Communist International. We reaffirm once again the four founding principles of our first release, enriched with almost three years of experience:

        1.- The need to restore the theoretical-practical foundations of the Scientific Revolutionary Theory initiated by Karl Marx, freeing it from its sterilized and inoffensive readings and interpretations, recovering through praxis its subversive and radically critical character with all forms of oppression and exploitation.

       2.- The in-depth and systematic study of the immense theoretical and practical work done by Marx, Engels, Lenin and Che, as well as by the rest of contributions that, using historical materialism and materialist dialectics, have contributed to class, national and gender emancipation. The political and theoretical formation is the key piece to rebuild the Revolutionary Socialist/Communist Movement.

        3.- To deepen the tactical and strategic coordination of our organizations through our theoretical magazine INSURGENCIA GLOBAL - PROLETARI and the creation of regular International Conferences.

        4.- To lay the foundations to promote a New Proletarian International, which brings together the greatest number of revolutionary organizations, forces, parties and movements, whose objective is to organize the Socialist/Communist Revolution in its specific social formations, as an indivisible part of the World Revolution.


        We call upon all revolutionary organizations, forces, parties, movements and militants that identify themselves totally or partially with the tactical and strategic political positions that have been exposed in this communiqué, to contact any of the three political formations that currently integrate the INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE: HERRITAR BATASUNA, NACIÓN ANDALUZA or AGORA GALIZA - UNIDADE POPULAR, with the aim of strengthening and expanding the bonds of coordination and internationalist mutual support, in order to build the GLOBAL INSURGENCE that will defeat once and for all Fascism, Imperialism and Capitalism.






COLOMBIA and PALESTINE in our hearts, May 20, 2021.