Release # 5 of the International Conference

In the face of the crisis of the Spanish government, SOCIALIST REPUBLICS!


In view of the deep crisis in Spain, which the coronavirus pandemic is radically exacerbating, the member organizations of the International Conference, Agora Galiza-Unidade Popular, Herritar Batasuna and Nación Andaluza would like to make the following statement.

This crisis, which has been dragging on since 2008, and especially since the forced abdication in 2014 of Juan Carlos de Borbón, King of Spain by the grace of the genocidal dictator Francisco Franco, can be defined as total and general. Only the class struggles and, above all, the revolutionary practice of the working peoples of the country we call Spanish will determine whether this is:

1- The end of the 1978 Regime, as we have known it until now, drifting into a clearly neofascist system, maintaining the parliamentary institutional framework decided by Franco's oligarchy in the years 1969 to 1975, but reformulating the 2nd Monarchic Restoration and 3rd Borbonic Restoration in a more repressive, anti-worker, imperialist, authoritarian and Spanishist key if possible.

2.- The end of the monarchy, facilitating the mutation of the current bourgeois 1978 Regime and opening the way to the Spanish 3rd Republic, by means of a caricaturized re-edition of the Popular Front in social-democratic version, with the alliance of the autonomist and sovereignist bourgeoisies of the oppressed nations, maintaining the unity of Spain, capitalism and integration in the imperialist structures: NATO, the euro, the European Union, etc. All this while attempting to gain time before the authoritarian drift of the Spanish state.

3.- The end of Spain itself as an imperial project and state framework for the accumulation and expansion of Capital, by means of socialist revolutions in the different nations oppressed by that prison of working people that has always been the Spanish State. The birth of different independent socialist republics in a revolutionary process that would surely involve part of our geopolitical area: Europe and the Mediterranean.

While the objective factors of the general crisis of the Spanish State have not only matured, but are in an advanced state of putrefaction, the subjective factors, that is, the revolutionary and proletarian class consciousness of the working peoples is still in its first stages.

This weakness of the revolutionary praxis (theory practiced and practice theorized, in a dynamic spiral process) is what determines the current political scenario and motivates this statement. It is time to speak out.

The current government of social-liberal and social-democratic coalition includes all the reformist forces, coalitions and parties of the Spanish State, both the Spanish ones (PSOE and Unidas Podemos) and the autonomists and sovereignists of the oppressed nations [ERC, EH Bildu, Compromís, BNG...]. Its aim is to carry out a second Transition, with new Moncloa Pacts and a constitutional reform that ensures the stabilization of the 1936-1978 Regime and the overcoming of its structural crisis.

In the short term, the oligarchy is considering two other possible solutions to the general crisis of the Second Monarchic Restoration. On the one hand, the technocrat solution, with a government of "National Unity" coalescing the three parties: PSOE, PP and Ciudadanos, and personalities from the bourgeoisie with a "technical" and "apolitical" profile, aligned with the Monti government in Italy and Papadimos government in Greece, which by imposition of the European Union, replaced in 2011 the Berlusconi and Papandreou governments respectively, and imitating the governments of the Liberal Union of the second half of the 19th century. On the other hand, a clearly neofascist solution, with a PP, Ciudadanos and VOX government.

These three alternatives do not contradict each other, but are complementary in time, in stages and in the functions to be carried out. The aim of the Spanish oligarchy is to keep the political framework of the 1978 Constitution stable in the face of the tremendous worsening of the crisis triggered by the COVID-19 and a foreseeable social explosion. Hence the full speed repressive rearmament and militarization around.

In case of not achieving it, and in front of an overflow of class as well as national liberation struggles led by the working people of the State, a 3rd Spanish Republic managed at first by the different social-democracies would be an acceptable firewall. In a fractal way, the axes and schemes of the general crises of the Spanish State in the 19th and 20th centuries are repeated, which brought the 1st and 2nd Spanish Republics (1873-1874 and 1931-1939), and the 1st and 2nd monarchic Restorations (1875-1931 and 1975 to present).

Nación Andaluza, Herritar Batasuna and Agora Galiza-Unidade Popular are three independent and socialist revolutionary organizations that act in our respective national frameworks: Andalusia, Euskal Herria and Galicia. Our alternative to the crisis of the Spanish State is the socialist revolution in each of our national frameworks. We are talking about the seizure of political and economic power by our working peoples led by the working class, by the revolutionary proletariat. We are talking about socialist republics, about proletarian states.

This alternative connects directly with the proposals of the Third International, whose centennial anniversary we honored last year, formulated in 1931: "to create, on the ruins of Spanish imperialism" a free federation of the workers and peasants republics.

Our proposal is to forge, in the struggle and for the struggle, the Revolutionary Alliance of the Working Peoples, open to all the organizations of the world. We start from the International Conference, which brings together the three organizations mentioned, but we aspire to join forces and wills, not only in the Spanish State, but in the whole planet.

It is in this process of revolutionary practice that the 5th International will be built, learning from the real practice of class struggle, overcoming in combat the errors committed by the revolutionary movements throughout the 19th and 20th centuries and improving their enormous and heroic successes. Learning from the past, fighting in the present, to conquer the future.

On this road of struggle against capitalism and imperialism, we will give shape to the Union of Socialist Republics, based on scrupulous and absolute respect for the sovereignty and national identity of each working people, on proletarian internationalism and on solidarity and mutual support among the working classes of each nation.

In view of the international situation created by this pandemic, we also make our own the proposals of Lenin, who more than a hundred years ago proclaimed that the imperialist wars should be transformed into socialist revolutions.

This is our firm commitment: to take advantage of this situation to raise awareness, organize and energize our respective working classes and working people for the revolutionary struggle for independence and socialism in each of our nations.

We call upon you all to form, organize and fight within our organizations and to join this unitary dynamic. Let's go for it!

No liberals, no fascists, but socialist republics!


International Conference [Agora Galiza-Unidade Popular, Herritar Batasuna and Nación Andaluza]. 

May 2, 2020