International Conference Release Nº 2


The date chosen to launch and disseminate: Insurgência Global Proletari -the theoretical magazine of the International Conference-  is no accident.

It was exactly 52 years ago that Che Guevara was murdered in the “La Higuera” school.

On October 9, 1967, the day after he was captured and wounded after an unequal combat in "La quebrada del Yuro" against special Bolivian troops led by the Yankees, the Argentinian Cuban internationalist revolutionary leader was executed by imperialism.

Insurgência Global Proletari wants to honor him, but not as a simple poster or as an icon emptied of its subversive content.

Che represents the genuine Marxist revolutionary theory, away from the domesticated readings and interpretations imposed by the dogmatism of the various reformist and revisionist degenerations, the dogmatism of the lukewarm academicism of the university ivory towers, or the dogmatism of the politically correct of petty-bourgeois progressivism.

Che represents the creative update and application of the revolutionary project by Marx, Engels and Lenin to the reality of the exploited and oppressed peoples of the world periphery.

In him, we, the forces and personalities that promote Insurgencia Global Proletari, feel ourselves identified.

Hasta la victoria siempre!

(Ever Onward To Victory!)


October 9, 2019

Global Proletari Insurgência Editorial Board