International Conference Release Nº 1


International Declaration. For the reconstruction of the socialist / communist revolutionary movement


The imperialist phase of capitalism only causes misery and hunger, unemployment, low wages and job insecurity, ethnic conflicts and looting wars, and is leading the planet to an ecological crisis of incalculable consequences that endangers our species.

Faced with this scenario, the reform policies derived from “progressive” parliamentary arithmetic majorities have been found unable to solve the ongoing challenges, to curb the aggressions suffered by the working class and the whole working people.

The electoralist strategies that characterize the actions of reformisms do not contribute to raising the level of consciousness of the masses, to mobilize and to fight in an organized and unitary manner against exploitation and the dominations and oppressions we suffer from the capitalist mode of production.

It is necessary to reorganize the tools of struggle and combat that the working class and the whole of the working and impoverished people have historically employed, with which they have achieved the conquests and rights that capitalism has progressively dismantled in recent decades, and with which he achieved victorious revolutions of an anti-imperialist and socialist character throughout the 20th century.

On the 100th anniversary of the founding of the Third International, the organizations, parties and political forces, as well as the undersigned, state:

  1. The need to restore the theoretical and practical foundations of Marxism, free it from its sterilized and harmless readings, recover its subversive character through a coherent practice.
  2. The need to study in depth the immense theoretical work of Marx, Engels, Lenin and Che, as well as all those contributions that using historical materialism and materialist dialectic, have contributed to the emancipation of class, national and gender. Political and ideological formation is the key piece to rebuild the socialist / communist revolutionary movement.
  3. The need to deepen the tactical and strategic coordination of our organizations through the creation of a theoretical magazine and the convening of a periodic International Conference.
  4. The need to lay the foundations to promote a new Proletarian International, which brings together the largest number of organizations, forces and parties, whose objective is to organize the Socialist / Communist Revolution in its specific social formations, as an indivisible part of the World Socialist / Communist Revolution.

    Compostela, Galiza, July 24, 2019


  • Agora Galiza-Unidade Popular [Galiza]
    • Herritar Batasuna [Euskal Herria]
    • Andalusian Nation [Andalusia]
    • Labor and Popular Platform [Portugal]
    • Néstor Kohan, Che Guevara Chair [Argentina]
    • Narciso Isa Conde, Coordinator of the Caamañista Movement [Dominican Republic]